6) Life – The Last Kampong

It’s nice to take a real live peek at other countries in this way…thank you SF.


Recently visited Singapore’s last Kampong – The Surau Kampong.  The Kampong is located in Buangkok, nearby the old Woodbridge Hospital which is now known as Institute of Mental Health.

“Kampong” in Malay literally means village.  In olden days, Kampong is the main building form before the reinforcement of concrete technology is established.

The common scene in Kampongs during rainy seasons is fun and memorable.  Villagers chasing after ducks and chickens, hastening to bring in clothes from their clothes lines to keep away from flood and rain, whilst barefooted kids and dogs hastily fleeing to find their own shelters.  Sadly, this amusing scene is a memory of the past in Singapore with the exception for this little last Kampong.

Kampong houses are usually constructed with zinc roofs and timber walls with windows and doors.  Floors are usually laid with cement screed and it feels chilling whenever you step on…

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Imagination is key…

…and the Cat in The Hat too.


When I was a kid, I use to love Dr. Seuss books. The story lines were fun but the illustrations were awesome. This pine tree resembles some of the illustrated trees he is famous for. Such books as “How the grinch stole Christmas”, “The Lorax” , “Oh, the places you’ll go!”, “And to think I saw that on Mulberry street”.

If you read any of these books as a child or currently read them to your kids, then you can see the artistic shape in this tree. And it should remind you of the times you sat down and read a Dr. Seuss book.

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