Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

Just Alyssa

@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun. @Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

My daughter and I were driving to one of many appointments that surround her blossoming weightlifting career. We have an early A.R.T. appointment, then a massage, then she has to go work out. Her pursuit of a spot on Team USA is a job. For both of us. It never occurred to me that I might be raising a future Olympian. I never would have even tried for that. It came to us – which, I now know, is how it happens. They find you, not the other way around. They’re like a sporting spy agency, and they have secret agents everywhere. But, that’s not the point.

We do all this because we truly believe that she’s good enough to have a shot. She, more than me even, believes that she can and will make “The Team.”

We were talking…

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Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” at the 55th Annual Venice Biennale

DCA Fine Art

DCA Fine Art and DigitalFusion Announce Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” at the 55th Annual Venice Biennale Image

For Immediate Release

DigitalFusion Creative Technologies Inc., with DCA Fine Art, is proud to announce the featured inclusion of C. G. Jung’s “The Red Book” in the 55th annual Biennale de Venezia – including examples of the Official Limited Edition ‘Red Book’ prints, newly released by DigitalFusion. The venerable Venice Biennale, including this debut presentation of the “Red Book” prints, is on view to the public from June 1 to November 24, 2013 (with a preview from May 29 to May 31).

Renowned psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, one of the most influential thinkers of the last century, created his 205-page handwritten and illustrated “Red Book” (officially titled Liber Novus)between 1914 and 1930, adding to it sporadically until the very year of his death in 1961. The

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A Prison Nurse’s Look at Sandra Bland’s Death

No Sellout


By Paul Spector RN, EMT-P, CPT. U.S. ARMY Ret.

I worked as an RN in a California State Prison where staged “suicides” occurred regularly. I fought for my patients, know how the cover-up works and have some insights. In 2012, I was hit by a truck, so this paper is done with a lot of help, individuals risking jobs and lives.

Behind badges and Rank, Sociopaths lurk in American prisons. Cameras are their enemy.
With scant information, some of our conclusions will be proven wrong. As more is known, we feel there will be more lies, inconsistencies and abuse uncovered. With more data will come more clarity, but the Code of Silence must be penetrated.

Prison deaths from mistreatment are mislabeled “suicide”, allowing continued abuse and avoiding lawsuits. I’ve spent 8 years trying to stop the practice…

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