Untold Story

And on the eighth day,

the entity known

as God emerged.

The slumber from

deep within the universe

came to pass, and beheld

unto time came what was.

Gazing at the galaxies,

girdled in all creations,

mesmerized by the

blue planet and it’s

struggle for evolution.

And in that moment,

inspiration wielded

all space and time,

and all demons,

angels, stars, and

planet gods and goddesses

came forth to look upon

the blue planet, perplexed,

for never before had they

been witness to seppuku.

Such exquisite beauty

and gracefulness gifted into life,

hurling without regard

to uncontrolled subjugation.

Convoluted in cohesion

with what they saw,

a strange and eerie

sense of antipodal rapture ensued.

And balance was sought,

as the blue planet

floated to it’s destiny.

Time and space went on,

and stars and planets remained,

and all was, is, as it ever shall be

to infinity and beyond.

So mote it be.


Copyright 2013



This is a poem about what we are doing to Mother Earth.








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