I still remember the very first kiss,

I never imagined it would ever get like this,

So many good days, so many bad,

So many now I wish I had.

You always said I’d be the one to leave,

I would never have thought fate had this up it’s sleeve,

Twinking eyes that light fire in my soul,

A stubbornness only I’m allowed to cajole.

Eight years ago on that very first meeting,

I couldn’t imagine today…my heart bleeding,

But oh, the memories, the mornings of love,

The evenings of romance, like heaven above.

So now as you lay next to me,

Beautiful and free,

You can’t hear my tears,

Or my pleads to speak to me.

Your new life is calling,

I was told this would be hard,

But I never had fathomed,

Love would deal me this card.

I remember the talks about leaving this way,

I knew you didn’t want this, my love…what can I say?

I loved you so deeply, I just could not bear,

To let go of you…please, do remember how much that I care.

So, I press the red button,

The shrillness of the alarm,

I watch as your heartbeat slows down,

…no harm.

I lean towards you gently,

Give you one last kiss,

It feels just like the first time, my love…



Copyright 2013


A poem about a woman who honors her husband’s right to die in dignity.  A difficult choice.


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