Medicinal Scribble

A rhyme is deciphered in multiple ways,

Perception is vital,

As is the length of one’s daze,



The spelling of words can hold meanings construed,

Making some rhymes sound different

If heard, and not viewed.



Inflections on words can be easily read,

Better yet, when expressed from the heart…

…(not the head).



A title can mimic the gist of the rhyme,

Or take one on a journey

Through eons of time.



One thing is for sure about all that you’ve read,

When we touch with our heart,

And reveal in our head,

What we feel becomes worth something more when expressed,

On a piece of plain paper,

In truth or in jest!



You  see, when stagnant feelings are held in the chest,

The results of this could be your worst or your best,

Transformed feelings have less chance to become,

Heart attacks that would otherwise

End lives of some.




Copyright 2002


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