I refuse to try
and feel your pain,
such an intimacy, gifted,
which each person must
tend to alone, to be lifted
from it’s agony, sifted.
I can lend empathy,
bear the weight of the burden,
be the star you reach for,
for I cannot shun, as a child
birthed into sorrow
who never walks,
can never run.
Free as the wind blows,
does also the love that grows,
and being the light,
cannot come to be
without the darkness…
do you see?
Do not be fooled by those
who speak of emotions
they seek, for themselves
is who they cry for,
and it is their own ego
they will die for.
Try and imagine
connectedness and love,
are true in fashion…
…when respect
can come between what
loved ones feel,
and what is seen.
The beauty of life is not to
touch the sun, and run
from the pyre,
for underneath the tainted
flesh we become the sun,
and it’s living fire.

Copyright 2013

Pain is a personal and intimate experience that is vital to being a light for others.


Untold Story

And on the eighth day,

the entity known

as God emerged.

The slumber from

deep within the universe

came to pass, and beheld

unto time came what was.

Gazing at the galaxies,

girdled in all creations,

mesmerized by the

blue planet and it’s

struggle for evolution.

And in that moment,

inspiration wielded

all space and time,

and all demons,

angels, stars, and

planet gods and goddesses

came forth to look upon

the blue planet, perplexed,

for never before had they

been witness to seppuku.

Such exquisite beauty

and gracefulness gifted into life,

hurling without regard

to uncontrolled subjugation.

Convoluted in cohesion

with what they saw,

a strange and eerie

sense of antipodal rapture ensued.

And balance was sought,

as the blue planet

floated to it’s destiny.

Time and space went on,

and stars and planets remained,

and all was, is, as it ever shall be

to infinity and beyond.

So mote it be.


Copyright 2013



This is a poem about what we are doing to Mother Earth.




I still remember the very first kiss,

I never imagined it would ever get like this,

So many good days, so many bad,

So many now I wish I had.

You always said I’d be the one to leave,

I would never have thought fate had this up it’s sleeve,

Twinking eyes that light fire in my soul,

A stubbornness only I’m allowed to cajole.

Eight years ago on that very first meeting,

I couldn’t imagine today…my heart bleeding,

But oh, the memories, the mornings of love,

The evenings of romance, like heaven above.

So now as you lay next to me,

Beautiful and free,

You can’t hear my tears,

Or my pleads to speak to me.

Your new life is calling,

I was told this would be hard,

But I never had fathomed,

Love would deal me this card.

I remember the talks about leaving this way,

I knew you didn’t want this, my love…what can I say?

I loved you so deeply, I just could not bear,

To let go of you…please, do remember how much that I care.

So, I press the red button,

The shrillness of the alarm,

I watch as your heartbeat slows down,

…no harm.

I lean towards you gently,

Give you one last kiss,

It feels just like the first time, my love…



Copyright 2013


A poem about a woman who honors her husband’s right to die in dignity.  A difficult choice.

Medicinal Scribble

A rhyme is deciphered in multiple ways,

Perception is vital,

As is the length of one’s daze,



The spelling of words can hold meanings construed,

Making some rhymes sound different

If heard, and not viewed.



Inflections on words can be easily read,

Better yet, when expressed from the heart…

…(not the head).



A title can mimic the gist of the rhyme,

Or take one on a journey

Through eons of time.



One thing is for sure about all that you’ve read,

When we touch with our heart,

And reveal in our head,

What we feel becomes worth something more when expressed,

On a piece of plain paper,

In truth or in jest!



You  see, when stagnant feelings are held in the chest,

The results of this could be your worst or your best,

Transformed feelings have less chance to become,

Heart attacks that would otherwise

End lives of some.




Copyright 2002

Babies Breath

On a blistery hot day,

After the wash is done,

After the floors are scrubbed,

And the beds all have fresh, clean linen,

The plants are watered,

Dinner is on the stove,

The garage has been swept and hosed down,

And cats all have clean litter boxes,

Weeds are pulled,

And diaper pails emptied,

The car has been washed,

And all garden tools neatly arranged and in their place,

You shuffle down the steps,

And hold him close,

His face against yours,

After a his long nap,

And the sweetest thing,

You have ever felt in your life,

His tiny little hand,

“Pat-a-patting” your tired shoulder,

Same way yours has done him.

The sweetest thing,

Baby’s breath,

The sweetest thing.



© 2013

I Wait For Soldiers

I know your suffering is a gift,
And yet I don’t want to see you suffer,
The deluge of sorrow, bitterness,
And my scourge restrained with hapless contempt,
For all the days you spent comfortless,
Abandoned through misunderstanding,
The tenderness of open arms you left for dreams non exist,
And I, not knowing the horror of your nights,
The agony of your torment, how deep the gash,
Or festering with stagnant nightmares,
Looming furtively in the silence of the night,
I weep to the heavens for just one meager moment of mercy,
That into the darkness of your shattered mind,
Unfettered alms might be fullfilled,
And hear our hearts, feel the warmth of compassion,
Taste the blood stained tears that fall wet upon our faces,
I hear the wailing shrieks of babies, mothers,
And you…from the depths of desolation,
Reaching for what once was,
As you left this land to become my hero,
The measure of true love is deepest felt in suffering,
And the battles of the ages cannot be won,
Until every being lays down their sword in the waters of tranquility,
To wipe the slate of our fathers, and their fathers past,
Carry a weapon of peace, for now is the war that matters most,
Bear your arms in love and kindness,
Now and the rest of our days we may have to share,
For life is short, and we are sorry with you,
You are not alone.


Copyright 2013