The Journey Red

red riding hood

The Journey Red

She mapped out her journey wrapped up in a prayer,
She brought faith, hope, and kindness, forgiveness and care,

“Courage”, she thought, “will help those cold nights,
And fortitude’s strength will spur darkness to light”.

She peered through the window, within her young heart,
Wrought with all of those memories that had torn love apart,

And she didn’t dare try to remove what was there,
She thought, “Well, it’s much better than hate being there!”

Accepting the task, she got insight to come,
She drew in her mind what she wanted begun,

She asked for some grace and a tither of salt,
So that nothing or no one could be placed at fault.

And then she was ready, the first step was pain,
Knowing if it were not, also lacking was gain,

When her face donned a frown and her cheeks wet with tears,
She knew she was blessed with the love to quell fears.

With a smile and wink she recovered her might,
And set out to succeed in her wonderous plight.



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