Everyday Treasures

an everyday treasure

an everyday treasure

An Everyday Treasure

Posted on January 15, 2012 by nightlight1220 under poetry, musings, thoughts and banterings

It was the third Sunday in November.
I woke up with the birds,

Got dressed, and slipped out,

Just in time to see the sunrise.

The air was still cool and damp

On my way down to the riverbank,

And along the dirt path I saw it shining.

Bending down to pick it up,

I was able to see it much better.

It was a rock.

But not just any rock.

This one was special.

I brushed it off and placed

It in the pocket of my jacket.

When I got down to the river,

I sat on the bank,

Watching the ripples glisten

From the morning rays of the sun.

I reached into my pocket,

And I washed it off

In the icy cold water.

This rock…it was really special,

And not like just any other rock.

The walk home made me wonder,

As I passed the paper boy…

”How much longer will people deliver the newspaper?”

Pulling it out from my pant pocket once more,

Something told me I would keep this rock,

Because I just knew… It was special.

Twelve years went by and again,

It was Sunday.

The third Sunday in November, as a matter of fact.

I woke up with the birds,

Got dressed,

And just as I was getting ready

To go out for my morning walk,

I picked it up

From the dish where I placed it

With all the other special rocks….

….and looked at it. Yup.

That one was special.

It wasn’t just any old rock.

© 2011


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