Temper Tantrum

photo from the web

photo from the web

Perhaps I should tell about one such memorable predicament,

One of my earliest recollections,

Definitely not one of the more pleasurable ones,

But nonetheless very unforgettable.

I must have been about three years old,

And all dressed up and ready to go to school with the big kids,

Only I can never remember why it was I didn’t want to go that day,

As it was a day, just a day like any other.

Well, it was time to go, and I refused,

Wildly, as a three year old might do to show retort,

And the retaliation I recieved in return was one that I was not prepared for at all,

Considering I had only known her for a short time, and up until that time,

She seemed like a loving mother.

Well, I was whisked off without notice to the bathroom,

Feet dangling off the floor and head bumping around in the sink,

Could not imagine what would come next but somehow I knew,

It was beyond anything my three year old mind could imagine.

It was then I felt something being shoved in my mouth,

The taste made me gag in violent revulsion,

The overwhelming nausea and useless heaving of my insides,

It was a rude awakening to another meaning behind the words ‘motherly love’.

I think I was sick an entire day, but I cannot remember,

I did not utilize it as a mode of discipline for my own children,

Even though it turned out to be effective for her,

I don’t agree, and refuse to buy bar soap to this day.

Funny what you remember, huh. Bless her soul. 🙂


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