Silent Reign (A Poem About Love)

A sensuous flare,

A hypnotic stare,

A soul to care,

A crime unfair…

Tomorrow lies there, our time capsule, we wait,

Men of flesh, the material world,

A stalemate.

Miracles unwind, malaligned, undefined,

A dimension of time, an encounter of mime,

To meet in a place, so suspended in space,

No worries, existence no longer a race,

Views once important now leaving no trace.

A staggering grin, a romantic glare,

Seemingly wrought out of pain and despair,

Clouds of crystalline rains shower new ways to cope,

As it rains, know what’s reigning is this world’s new hope.

Precious, treasured joys of life,

Far away, yet very near,

The ties we bind, All the love we find,

So hidden in our fear.

2012 ©


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