2012 Space Cadet

I’m opening the door.

Please come in, sit down.

Here, let me take your coat,

And I’ll hang it in the closet.

As you can see there,

Is plenty of space here.

No. Wait.  If you can see it there,

Then how is it here?

Well anyway, like I was saying,

In between the stars and the space,

You know?  There is something else,

But what is it?  I know it’s there.

I never saw it, did you?

You didn’t either, huh?

You do know it’s there, Don’t you?

We just don’t know what it is.

Do you think it matters?

Or is it matter?

Or is it us?

Could it be?

I guess that means

We wouldn’t know us

If we saw us.

What do we know, anyway?

Tons of nothing.

And we don’t even know that,

Because you can’t have

Tons in space.

(c)  2012  Space Cadet


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