Turn On To Life


(photo is from the web–if it is too small please click on it to enlarge)

There is no such thing as punishment in the spiritual realm as I have experienced thus far in my human life. There is, however, a benefit involved with our actions.  This benefit has to do with facing, accepting and embracing our responsibilities in our connection to others, and to LOVE…to the reasons why we have been given the opportunity to incarnate on this beautiful planet.  Although the effects of our actions can sometimes bring results that are uncomfortable, this is not a reflection on the action, but a reflection of the universe’s validation of our own personal power.  We can accept our power, or reject it, but the benefits involved with acceptance are far greater on the universal scale.  It is all up to each individual.

It can take time for many of us to accept the mere law of the universe that there will be a reaction to every action, as no one can be immune from this law. Many of us have been taught since childhood other man made laws that violate this universal natural law.

We cannot live without even some small action on our part. Everything in this life involves choice, even our very breath. Whether that choice was made in the far past of another lifetime, the present time, or somewhere in the future of another time, space or dimension. Reverance for this sanctity in life enables us to live in grace, savoring the entire sphere of what it means to be a relevant and meaningful part of the universe as a whole.

How have you used your personal power today? From what intention did your actions arise? What caused your intention?


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