The Killer

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In the darkness we hunt for a killer. We seek this killer with all the energy and resources we can mu

ster. Our efforts to unearth this ancient killer are fierce and determined. Cities and villages have been raped, pillaged and burned through all time periods in search of this killer.

It is a commitment to this ancient mission that is passed down from one generation to the other. We are told the life we live is not a life worth living unless we vanquish this killer. But where is this killer? Who is this killer? What did they kill? And when and where will this killer strike next?

You say you do not seek this killer, but what if I told you the killer is you? What if I told you that which you seek to kill is your mission? And what if the mission you seek to kill is Love and the Love you seek to kill is your very own Self?

You say you are a peaceful being. You say you attempt to live comfortably and peacefully. You say you Love everyone and have journeyed long and far to reach this point of happiness in your life. But if this is true you will have no problem looking in the corners of your mind and thus, facing the questions that frame the confusion our family has of its one and only mission here.


We have been raised with a belief that suffering and confusion is a part of life. Although our system rejects this idea, for suffering and confusion are not our natural state of Being, there is a part of our system that ironically welcomes the suffering and confusion.

We believe suffering and confusion defines who and what we are. We rationalize the insane and justify the impossible because we allow ourselves to accept duality as our soul mate in this world. We enter into a marriage with darkness. And thus, do the words, “Till death do us part” carry their true meaning.

Our honeymoon with darkness feels natural at first and there looks to be few, if any problems. Seeing little need to change our perception of life, we embark further on a mission with our dark soul mate. Our life gradually evolves into a love / hate scenario which always mirrors our marriage to duality and our perception of Love It-Self. When we seek to divorce ourselves from duality we become embroiled in a seemingly impossible to break contract.

Our distorted sense of Being opens us to a darkness that we have confused with Love. Addicted to the guilt of our delusional, parallel reality we fail to see that darkness is only a learning device by which we can come to accept Love. Instead, we have turned darkness into a living nightmare in which we appear to move further away from the Truth of who and what we are.

Confusing what darkness is, we hide from it. But it is not the darkness we hide from. We hide from what darkness appears to hide from us…the Love of Self. Feeling as if we are without Love our dark mission becomes a laughable journey in which we frighteningly seek Love like a junkie desperately seeking the “fix” without ever realizing we’re not lacking Love at all.

Because we love fear and fear Love, we actually seek darkness as a form of comfort in this world. Believing our lives lack Love is it any wonder why our life is routinely filled with dualistic, competing outcomes?

We feel the effects of this crazy idea of Love and darkness being separate but refuse to acknowledge the cause of our perceived suffering, which is believing we are separate from Love It-Self. We stand in this odd place of duality where we appear to cower in darkness and dance with joy in Love.

Why can’t the joy of Love last, we wonder? It is because we’ve become addicted to the painful effects and sorrowful attributes of darkness. In essence, we have accepted we are unworthy of Love and have joined in a fearful mission to create a belief system that refuses to believe we are worthy of Loving our Self.

Without looking at the cause of duality we impose upon ourselves and our collective family a life-time sentence of incarceration in this fearful dark place of existence. The mission to find the killer of Love and punish them prompts us to punish those we believe are unworthy of Love. Convinced that suffering is part of Love, we inflict more punishment and suffering on our self and others, all the while seeking a remedy for the punishment and suffering. This insanity becomes the life we define our society by.

So it is our lives become one big confused mess of duality. Defining our life by this confusion we seek more hurt in Love. And thus, we seek the confusion and anxiety stricken experiences that darkness gives to its creators.

Through all this our anger, hatred, anxiety and guilt rise as the confusion intensifies and we curse both the darkness and Love. Is this madness and confusion really what we want to define our lives by? Of course not.

This is the moment in which we, collectively, forgive and let go of the cloak of darkness that no longer serves our family. This is our moment to define our lives by the one and only mission we are here to be defined by.

Love gives It-Self, as It receives It-Self. Is there another mission more worthy of us than to Love Thy Self?


What defines our existence in life is how we view the mission we are on during our time here. If we are confused and frightened by this mission to Love Thy Self it is a life of confusion we will experience and it is in darkness we will live. This confusion becomes our way of life and the meaning of darkness we have made up is carefully interwoven into the fabric of society’s cloak.

The cloak of darkness is pulled over our eyes at a very young age. Our children are educated and indoctrinated into darkness with teachings of fear because it is a mission that the entire human race has seemingly accepted as a way of life.

The mission of the fearful and what the fearful teach is simple. It is the survival of the fittest. How do you survive? By killing anything that appears to be a threat. Who and what is a threat? Everything and everyone.

Let us see darkness, and all of its perceived threats, not as something to run from. Instead, let us remove the cloak of darkness and behold it as a teaching device that shows us we have nothing to run from.


The human race is well schooled in the art of the hunt. We are taught to seek the culprits of our self-imposed suffering. When they are caught they get fed into the criminal justice system.

The criminal justice system is created by the fearful. Like all systems of punishment its real purpose is hidden in the darkness in which its confused mission is purported to eradicate. Our thirst for the hunt creates false ideas of just punishment. These ideas are infused with fear, hatred and guilt and it is within these thoughts that the bricks of a system of darkness are built.

The system of darkness is in everything society has erected in honor of its fear. From our family and religions, to our schools, colleges, governments and corporations, we teach that suffering comes from outside of us and our systems are a reflection of that.

This archaic and upside down way of thinking can be reversed and if we look around our world we see that it has already begun. Look closely with me and we will also see that the building blocks of fear were actually building a Home that is worthy of Love’s children. Seeing darkness in place of Love hides the true Home for the children of Love It-Self.

See the real mission and not the one we confused ourselves of for so many years. Our one and only mission in this world is right before our very eyes my brothers and sisters. Realize that which you hold in high esteem in society is nothing more than a means for us to justify the killing of a Soul.

We need not punish anyone or anything for the confused thoughts and ideas of a confused mind. See no need to punish ourselves for the perceived wrongs we have made on others and others have appeared to make on us.

We woke one another up didn’t we? So what could there be to be angry about if we led to each other’s awakening? Can you see more Love today than yesterday? Of course you can when you remove the grievances and belief that someone owes you something. Gratitude, not grievances, are what we are here to collectively create and give away.

Our mission is the opposite of punishment. Rather than teach society the art of the hunt, let us engage one another happily on the Campus of Love, and teach society the creative art Love. ?

Let us give the art of Love freely. For what is there to fear when there is no price placed upon the Love you give for your Love is priceless?


To fearlessly segue from the mission of darkness to the fearless mission of Love it is imperative we look upon our use of the learning devices we have co-created to aid us in this mission.

Clarity as to what mission we are truly accepting can be provided when we follow the distribution of money, food, clothing, shelter, electricity, water, transportation, time, etc. in society.

? Where does the idea of money really come from and where does it really go? Follow the channels and funnels money flows through and the financial systems we all create for a life on earth.

? Where are the resources for life on earth really allocated? Who authorizes the creation and distribution of these resources?

? Where is time applied to our life here on earth? Is time a device of enslavement or freedom? Watch where time is used and how it is used.

Money, food, clothing, shelter, electricity, water, transportation, time, etc. they are all learning devices. How are we using them to fulfill our mission here? Do we use these devices to teach our fellow brothers and sisters fear or Love? See where these learning devices lead us to. Is it out of the darkness or further into it?

It is time we stop acting like we know what is going on when we can’t see anything but darkness because our eyes are closed. We are so afraid of darkness that we close our eyes to shield ourselves from its ugliness and yet we seek to live in darkness without truly seeing what it is we are afraid of or live in.


What is our mission here in this life? It is to gratefully serve the Love we were created from and that which we co-create from. It is to Love Thy Self and in turn Love all that is.

We are here to create Love out of Love. There is nothing else. This is all that is needed to accept in order to see darkness for what it is not.

The mission of creating Love is not to seek an answer for darkness. The purpose of darkness is to reveal there is nothing but Love. This means darkness was a means to accept Love, not deny Love.

When you see this why hold onto darkness any longer? It is out of fear of being worthy of Love that we hold onto that which no longer serves us.

We think we were wrong all these years to confuse darkness with Love. No one is immune from this confusion. Is our pride really worth forsaking all that we have come here to claim? Do we truly desire to hold onto that last crumb of viciousness, the lone remaining right to kill, in favor of co-creating and sharing an endless feast with our family?


I do not suggest we turn a blind eye to darkness for it is the blind that see darkness. Instead, I suggest we open the eyes of our Divinely Creative Heart so as to look upon the confused meanings we have placed to our thoughts about creation. This provides a clear and unobstructed view to undo, once and for all, the darkness that we tried to hide within the Love we are.

These words are not aimed at raising questions to confuse, anger or stir up controversy through anxiety. Far from it. The mind is already confused. The Divinely Creative Heart is not.

The Divinely Creative Heart waits patiently for the season of confusion to pass. The Divinely Creative Heart knows what It knows for all there is to know is in our Heart.

Let us see that the safety, comfort and peace we seek is not something that can be sought. It is only to be accepted. And it can only be accepted by joining as One for unification is not in isolation.

Let us join together as a creative force of One and peacefully give away the idea we are in survival mode. Let us see our own confusion vanish as we collectively look past the confusion of our family’s behavior. We are not defined by the idea of darkness anymore than Love is defined by darkness.

We are the Love we have always dreamed of. Let us stop creating frightening dreams of a far-away place where the streets are paved with Love that only a select few are allowed to stroll upon. Let us stop creating dreams of lack whereby we believe a better life is afforded only to those who appear worthy of Love.


Today, and all days, let us give way to the Truth of our Divinely Creative Hearts and gracefully accept that which has been given to us and can never be taken away from us. Let us see we are the dream of Love. And what a beautiful and Loving dream it is.

No organization can show us the meaning of Love. It is only when we see no differences that we can join the collective mission of all living things with a unified agenda. With a unified agenda not to punish, but instead to Love, do we see we are uniformly part of all living things. This is our mission.

It is the mission of Love that we join as One. For what other mission is more worthy than the one that offers everyone a continuous, uninterrupted moment in this world to breathe in, touch, see, smell and experience the Love that we have all co-created in this world?

Open your Heart with mine as we gratefully give our Divinely Creative Heart to the world.

All my Love to each of you ?.

by peter Nelson


Who is the killer?  The one who denies duality?  Or the one who accepts?


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