From Lightsun

‎”A truth resonates with a truth.  I do not know this.  Nevertheless, I believe it possible there are some profound universal truisms in us built into our very DNA.  To help the species survive and a blueprint for reason there. This is why on the sites I have been on, I have been non-argumentative and non-defensive. What I wrote is right or perhaps not. I listen to reason & logic. I greatly appreciate the efforts of any who espouses reason and whose precision in thought and reason has helped me refine a point on how I say things. Conversely, what the other person says is either right or wrong. A key is reason versus negativity. I have already stated that a negative, angry, blaming approach is distorted. Still I am on a path. I try to learn from someone more enlightened than myself. But, if I am further on the path, I still can learn from others who may not be so far on the path. …

This is why, with an angry individual I still strive to find some truth in their statement. I will then dialogue with that person. We will communicate on that element of truth or reason. Thus dialogues, communication, possibly respect and even friendship can be established. Hopefully, the other can learn from me & so we can learn from one another on a path. There is that written inside of us that is as of the universal consciousness. It seems to be written in our DNA, our consciousness, our very hearts, minds, and souls. That is one thing we have going for us. The belief that there is universal good and if we could just but see it.” LightSun

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