Solitude For Two

Photo is from the web

Photo is from the web

Solitude For II

By Liz Peterson-Braveheart

The perpetual light of my life is now clear,

Every day, every night, it stays so very near,

As I lie here awake, with forever to do,

And I listen to sounds in the background….this zoo…

Peering through bloodshot eyes I see through my mesh door,

And I pray for the day when I can’t see no more,

Lying down on my cot I gaze into the light,

And I try to recall when life wasn’t a fight.

As I think of my future I breathe a big sigh,

Wanting badly to grieve, but forget how to cry,

The perpetual light of my life shines down bright,

And a voice in my head tells me, “this isn’t right”.

As I follow the voice to the darkness inside,

As it lures my soul into a place I can hide,

Soon that light sneaks back into this weary ol’ head,

My own personal terrorist here in my bed,

And then just as the walls seem to close in some more,

There’s a letter from you peeking in at my door,

Every ounce of my being is fed by your word,

And the zoo disappears, it’s your voice that is heard.

At the end of the page a drop falls from my face,

Your love touches my heart and my soul with God’s grace,

Making love has new meaning for one such as I,

When your life is a halogen lamp in the sky.

          You can not give a gift to someone that you have never had for yourself.  The only gifts we ever really give or receive in life are the gifts of the heart.


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