Simply Turn The Page

photo is from the web

photo is from the web

Simply Turn the Page

By Liz Peterson-Braveheart

Little Johnnie sat and watched the early morning news,

As he ate his cereal he grabbed his shirt and tied his shoes.

Reporters sang the story of the Mom who killed her kids,

And the poor dead childrens’ kin were photographed and “up for bids”.

While the newsmen clearly stated all about the woman’s mind,

The jury claimed, “she’s very sane” and not the “crazy” kind.

He grabbed his dictionary and looked up this word called “sane”

“To have good sense” and “of sound mind”…. no words implied disdain…(?)

He sat then in confusion as it made no “sense” to him,

That a Mom could kill her babies on a fleeting whirl or whim,

So when Johnnie’s Mom comes down the steps to give her kiss goodbye,

He pops the question loud and clear out of the clear blue sky,

He says, “Mom, tonight when you get home and get me off to bed,

Can you please explain what kind of “sane” can get in someone’s head,

That turns Moms’ love to murder and makes them a strange new kind?

They said it’s schizo-something that invades a person’s mind,

It’s not that hard to understand decisions made so quick,

But Mom, I’m wundrin’ how this type of  “sane” cannot be “sick”!!

I know I’ve heard that schizo-word at school before today,

It’s something like forever cause it never goes away,

Mom, if it gets contagious I guess what we’ll have to do,

Is lock up ALL the people and just call the country ZOO!!

Cause it doesn’t seem society is helping with this plague,

They rush home from work to hit the bar, do shots and kill the keg!!

And when they don’t the Moms come home and hit the box of pills,

And forget about the healthy side of life that love fulfills.

So do you think that just this once you could come home from work,

And talk with me ‘bout life and love, not how Dad was a jerk?

It just may make a difference in the way the world turns out,

We could become contagious and a lot of kids won’t pout

Or be murdered by their parents in a schizo-something rage,

We may just begin a “new-old fad” and simply turn the page.”

“Justice will be achieved only when those who are not injured feel as indignant as those who are.”     —Plato, Circa 400 BC—


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