A Healer’s Prayer

Picture from the web

Picture from the web

A Poem dedicated to my father, a great teacher of the “virtues that heal”


Fill in the spaces where emptiness lay,

And bring meaning to voids born a cold yesterday,

For each child that hungers for answers to why,

The twin towers fell down and brought hell from the sky.

Teach not of the hate that feeds more acts of war,

Just teach all of those things that we should have taught more.

Teach ‘bout faith and humility, courage and hope,

They may need it one day to help them get off dope.

Teach them patience and how to plant many a seed,

In the hearts left so cold from this dastardly deed.

Try to balance the weight of material lust,

With these virtues long lost now decaying with rust.

As we try to rebuild what remains of this crime,

We will all learn so well how good things take much time,

And the gut-level honesty needed to heal,

May emerge from that pile of rubble and steel,

Through the passion that waves these flags red, white and blue,

We hand down truths to babes much too late to undo,

But with willingness now to teach treasures of old,

They will understand all this confusion and mold

Better ways to live here so that peace will prevail,

With new “guns” of respect war won’t be up “for sale”.

Things we hope for our children won’t just be things of cash,

The real treasures of life won’t be buried in ash.


2002 Liz Peterson-Braveheart


One thought on “A Healer’s Prayer

  1. Have no idea who posted that there…. but it’s a good ad! And funny, too! Take care of your teeth is always a good thing. The lack of calcium you are born with can never be replaced. The poor nutrition of pregnant women comes to mind.

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