tea cup girl
Image from the web.

To love for the sake of loving,

In a world where love is rare,

A gift some say, beyond repay,

Of which none can compare.

But this is the only way I see

To really and truly love,

It isn’t about us here at all,

It’s about below, and about above.

You honored and you cherished,

Every minute that we shared,

Your heart touched mine and overflowed,

Mine told you that I cared.

And now with all my memories,

That hold these thoughts so dear,

Cause even though you’re in the grave,

I’ll always have you near.

True love is never wasted,

And the good will never fade,

You’re in my heart forever,

From tender moments that we made.

I now share love as you loved me,

So grateful to have had,

Not just a lover, or a friend,

You left no broken heart to mend,

You’ve held my heart through so much strife,

You’ve healed my soul, you heal my life,

Please rest in peace, Amen.



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