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To love for the sake of loving,

In a world where love is rare,

A gift some say, beyond repay,

Of which none can compare.

But this is the only way I see

To really and truly love,

It isn’t about us here at all,

It’s about below, and about above.

You honored and you cherished,

Every minute that we shared,

Your heart touched mine and overflowed,

Mine told you that I cared.

And now with all my memories,

That hold these thoughts so dear,

Cause even though you’re in the grave,

I’ll always have you near.

True love is never wasted,

And the good will never fade,

You’re in my heart forever,

From tender moments that we made.

I now share love as you loved me,

So grateful to have had,

Not just a lover, or a friend,

You left no broken heart to mend,

You’ve held my heart through so much strife,

You’ve healed my soul, you heal my life,

Please rest in peace, Amen.



Musical Arrangement

I can taste the sound of laughter,

Like molasses on my tongue,

Like the sun is heard in chorus,

Childlike and full of fun,

When I touch the sight of scarlet,

It feels smooth against my skin,

And the smell of fresh pink hyacinth,

Hangs noodles down my chin.

A snowflake softly graces the wind,

A raindrop meets a lake,

If synesthesia ruled the world,

We might all be chocolate cake.

Lullaby Of Death

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Lullaby of Death

By Liz Peterson-Braveheart

You have no right

To bear your silent wish of death

Upon my brethren’s door,

You have no right.

You have no right

To cast your world of hate

Before my child’s eyes,

You have no right.

The wickedness you offer

On the table isn’t just,

And as you rant of guts and glory,

Your heart is cold,

A breach of trust,

You have no right.

To scowl, or render judgment

On such lies and fabrications,

And then gloat,

While bathed in rapture

Once more,

Hungry for ovation!

Then slay again!

You have no right.

To mothers and fathers,

Daughters, sons,

…and innocent babes,

Your desperate gnawing helps

To seal their lips

But not their might,

The beastly seed in you ignites,

And they lay naked on your platter

You call justice

As you feast with sheer delight?

You have no right.

Love and freedom suffocate,

In our ears the sound of silence

Is their last hurrah,

As you claim the spiteful anthem,

Your self righteous Lullaby of Death.


This photo is not of my creation.  It was found on the web

This photo is not of my creation. It was found on the web

This photo is not of my creation. It was found on the web

Fix your hair and makeup,

Adorned in threads of gold,

One second births an hour past,

And ruminations soon unfold.

Burthen and misunderstood,

Confoundedly you claw,

As time’s reprieve becomes the now,

And destiny befalls.

Walking home, a moonlit night,

A purdah comes between,

You turn the key, and enter in,

Your domicile of sin.

The lights are dim, the bed is warm,

A bath of guilt renews,

You swallow all your broken hope,

And dream of solitude.


jesus cross of the new milleniumPhoto from the web.

All creations are works of art. Those that capture our undivided attention or repel us, stir our vision of what is beneath the surface within our own psyche, and call us to awaken to embrace the beauty of love in it’s most raw form. The mystique cries out in it’s darkness to implore our embrace of all that God has created, and not simply that which bedazzles our senses.

Beauty Calls

Man jump

 Beauty Calls


If you gaze at a nature long enough,

You will clearly see

How beauty is born

When we synchronize outer change

With inner transformation.

Transformation is always

Gently knocking on the door,

Asking permission,

Offering growth. 


If you listen




Hear it?                                                                                                                           

Change comes upon us

Like the sun at dawn,


Like the moon

In the stillness

Of the night.


Transformation happens

When we allow it to be

In sync

With change.

When we allow ourselves to be what we truly  are.

We are at one with nature.


You are on the other line. 

Answer the call.