In The Beginning


So in the beginning we grew up.

And then we all had daughters,
And sons.

And all the while, they grew,
From little babies,
With sweet cooing noises,
And cute tender little kisses on our noses at 6am,
And their light permeated our beings making each day worth any obstacle that came our way.

Growing up, us with them,
Seemingly strange,
Without any inkling that
We were slightly deranged.

And the need, oh, the need that was there,
To look, to live, like Barbie…
And Ken.

Barbie has lots of pretty dresses,
And a couple or more really nice cars,
And she looks very nice in her dresses and cars,
So then the world was about that for a long long time.

And then,

Ken, well, he has Barbie.  And he also has a lot of clothes and that is really a cool thing to have.

But as for me,

I never really was wanting to be like Barbie,

Or Ken.

Because … And for me,
(I don’t know about you)
But I am saying that,
For me,

Barbie and Ken…
They came from a factory,
And so,

Have genitals…



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