It would seem,
At times,
That we can
Only grow,

To be as
Authentic as
What we are willing
To connect to,
And embrace
In the world.

We eventually
What we hide
From seeing
Is within ourselves,

And that
Very same thing
Which also
Repulses us,
About what we


We see

In others.


unknown soldier


i recall the first time that we met.
your mom told all about,
the day that you died,

and i cried.

i will not forget seeing your eyes,
as you leaned on the wall,
your soul naked, your all…

i felt small.

and our first time alone,
i was chilled to the bone,
i struggled to hold back the tears,
thinking “how could this child have conquered those fears?”

…all these years.

my heart opened up like a rose,
feeling blessed it was me that you chose…
your kind of courage is rare,
with so many staring your way,

….how dare they?

fighting so long to live,
   couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat, couldn’t hear, had no sight, why oh why?
     ….it just didn’t seem right,

a mouth with no voice,
a child with no choice,
so broken yet free,
looking through me, you were finding your way,
i’m glad you went home,
… it is truly ok,



the human calling

This image is not of my creation.  It ws found on the web.

This image is not of my creation. It ws found on the web.

at the core of love’s seed,
what we will all find,
is ourselves,
and the essence,
that connects us to the universes.

there will be no 21 gun salute,
no red carpet,
no brass band,
or golden hand carved walls
of stories old.
what we will find is all of our sentiments

crumbled, stale and exposed for their true worth.

what we will find is that all we thought to be

misfit, odd, and out of place,

is the beauty that makes us the

Beloved of the Beloved,

and it is that seed,
and that seed alone,
that will shatter all

realities known and unknown
into infinity and beyond
just to let it be known to us that…..

“you are me and i am you.
you are my beauty, my treasure,
my soul within my soul…
..and yet you will never
…you can never,
know me completely”.

And You Don’t Even Know


You sit in your windowless house of fears,
And you wait, becoming irate.
The hours torment and the days they go by,
Your regrets seem to swallow your fate.

The small light that shines is intense,
And its burning a hole so immense,
Hesitating to see that it’s coming from thee,
It’s bewitching and holds such suspense.

There is never a need to turn back,
See, the wanting is nothing but lack,
The temptation to win has been your greatest sin,
Just let go, have some balls,
For integrity calls,
It is making its window within.

Life is changing….just let it burgeon.

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I have always loved the edge.
The place on the mountain that takes my breath away.
The thought that is never quite a thought but intrigues me enough to chase it until there is little surrounding me that is not love, and I feel it.
The last breath I take before I enter a sleep state.

I love those moments in life that cause me to experience a knowing that there is something so much bigger and better.

I have always, always loved the edge. ♥

And the edge has always loved me back. 🙂